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Water features are a beautiful addition to any garden or landscaped yard. They add visual interest, create soothing nature sounds, and make a stunning accent to any outdoor space. Among outdoor garden water features options, solar fountains are one of the most versatile and efficient ways to create the perfect space. Best of all, exterior solar water fountains are an easy do-it-yourself (DIY) project that offers value far beyond the effort required. 

Solar fountains for garden pond & pool

Solar fountain essentials – What to Know before buying Online

Solar fountains come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Because they are typically self-contained, there is no plumbing or external wiring required. The water in the fountain is pumped from a reservoir or basin up to the top of the fountain with a pump that is connected to a solar panel. Because of this, they function best when placed in a sunny spot, but are versatile enough to fit any location you have in mind. Some DIY water fountains feature a battery that will charge during the day and then run the fountain at night or in cloudy conditions. The installation process is easy, with no electrical wires or extension cords to worry about, making a solar powered fountain a great do-it-yourself (DIY) landscaping project. Water features also work great as a humidifier for a sunroom or enclosed patio. 

What makes solar powered fountains so special?

Beyond their easy installation and versatility, solar powered fountains offer even more benefits which include energy efficiency, environmentally friendly design, and low maintenance. You’ll never pay a high electric bill with a water fountain powered by the sun because its pump runs on no-cost solar energy. These fountains are also water efficient, recycling the water in the fountain with a solar pump. Many solar powered water features for garden designs feature low-maintenance materials that can withstand a range of climate conditions and look great year after year.


Most common types of Solar Water Fountains to be familiar with

One of the great things about a water feature powered by the sun is that there are many options of this device available on the market. With numerous different designs and applications to choose from, you can find just the right water fountain for your garden, yard or pond. Some of the most popular options include the following models and features. 

A Solar powered garden fountain is relaxing and meditative

Solar powered garden fountain – Sunny Bunny Australia

Solar garden water fountains can be designed as freestanding fountains or to be hung on a wall or fence. These fountains look great in flower beds, accenting garden paths, or bringing a touch of charm to a patio. Sitting next to a tree, the usually compact size fountain would look amazing even placed alone or immersed in the thick greenery of the garden.

Running water can bring a lot of character and enjoyment to the outdoor environment. The soft sound of solar garden fountains is meditative, the sight is magnificent and relaxing, and the design varieties are almost endless. Solar panel power makes the water features so flexible and convenient so that they can be placed literally anywhere in a garden, yard or patio. 

Get some more features with a solar powered fountain with battery and LED lights

Modern options for solar powered outdoor fountain are so advanced so it is even possible to enjoy the water feature even after the sunset in the dark. There are models like, for example, a garden fountain with battery backup that can independently operate even at night after fully charged during the day. However, if even that would not completely satisfy the most demanding taste of some Australians, there is even more to consider. Products like, for instance, outdoor solar water features with lights would definitely soften the heart of the most experienced shoppers.

Solar powered fountains with battery and LED lights


Solar bird bath fountain for the garden entire transformation

A solar powered bird bath fountain is specifically designed to entice our feathered friends to splash in one or more decorative pools of fresh water. Enhance a bird-friendly landscape with a bird fountain, and they’ll have everything they need to thrive. 

A bird fountain is a great and welcome addition to any garden, patio or backyard. These solar operated water features have a panel that absorbs the sunlight and turns it into energy to power up the fountain pump. It recycles and circulates water by enriching it with the oxygen, so birds and other creatures always have access to fresh water.

Solar bird bath fountain for garden

Unique natural-friendly design of a solar bird fountain can blend into the garden greenery environment with peace and harmony so it can be even difficult to spot the device. As a fantastic decoration element for a garden lawn or any other outdoor area a fountain provides a space for birds to splash about with water feature. Most of the models are made with an incredible design in mind to ensure that it will brighten up any outside environment.

Water fountains are also an excellent solution for any garden due to their power supply. Solar water features powered by solar do not require any additional electrical source or cords for functioning. All need to be done is set it up outside under the direct sun to power the bird fountain. It will automatically turn off once the sun disappears, so there is no need to worry about switching it off. 


Solar pond fountain is universal for any water reservoirs

Ponds are desirable features in a yard or garden, but when they include a solar pond fountain, they can really make an impression. Add flair and the sounds of nature to your pond with a floating or submersible water fountain for the pond – there are options to suit every taste.

Solar pond fountains for outdoor - Sunny Bunny Solar

A Solar powered pond fountain will bring a depth of character to a garden, yard or patio. Most of them are made of durable weather resistant materials that do not require any additional maintenance and can serve an important role in indoor and outdoor decoration.

Easy to install and operate a pond fountain is capable of becoming a centrepiece of a yard, garden or even swimming pool. In most cases, the pond creation itself may require some serious work and time; a submersible fountain is ready to go a simple solution.       

Solar pool fountain vs pond water features

In fact, solar pool fountains are similar to their pond relatives, and therefore they share a universal principle of work. There is no much of a difference whether the water device is used in a natural or human-made pond, swimming pool or even tank or any other sealed reservoir. A water spray feature can be placed on the surface (in the case with the floating fountains) or at the bottom of the pool (submersible item) to deliver an amazing performance.

Solar water fountains Australia

We advise planning the desired water show before making the final decision that the type of water feature to purchase.


Special features of solar powered water fountains

Despite common perception, water fountains can be a beautiful accent to a garden or yard after dark. There are two special features of solar water fountain pump that make this possible: fountains with a battery, and fountains with lights. 

Solar powered water fountains - Sunny Bunny Solar

Solar water fountain with battery makes the difference

When you choose a water fountain with a battery, your fountain will store the sun energy all day long and then continue to operate after sunset. These fountains are magnificent for rainy climates or shady spots in the garden, too. 

Solar powered water fountain with lights brings more dramatic effect after dark

Similar to solar water features with a battery backup, water fountains with light create an even more dramatic effect after dark. Special lighting effects really shine while using stored sustainable energy. There are plenty of different LED lighting options and colours available to illuminate the water spray at no additional electricity cost. You also do not need to bother thinking about pairing up fountain, battery and LED lights separately since there are existing ready-to-go solutions for any taste. 

Compare floating solar water fountain and solar powered submersible fountain pump

When it comes to adding a spray in an existing water feature like a pond, pool or fish tank, there are two main options to choose: a solar floating pond fountain or submersible fountain pump. Both of them can deliver an extraordinary water show right in the middle of your garden or backyard without any extra costs. However, the application of each of them may vary and can be affected by the conditions of operating. 

Floating solar fountains are extraordinarily universal and suitable almost for any water reservoirs

As the name implies, a floating water fountain rests on the surface of the water, creating a decorative spray of water with natural energy and a powerful, compact pump. Easy to install and to enjoy, solar floating fountains can be used in many ways for a variety of effects.

Floating solar water fountain at Sunny Bunny Australia

Installation of a floating water fountain is very quick and simple. Most of the main parts of a fountain kit are already assembled and only require few final touches like adding fountain heads with different spray options and connecting tubes with each other. After that, just place this fountain pump in a pond or swimming pool under the sun and enjoy the soothing view and sounds of running water. Each Solar floating fountain pump delivers a water spray that creates the surrounding water environment ripple astonishingly.

These fountain features are also great for oxygenating of a pond or fish tank and preventing from build-up algae.   

Solar powered submersible fountain

A solar submersible fountain, on the other hand, instead of sitting on the water surface sits below it. When the only thing you want to see is a beautiful spray of water, the submersible fountain is the right way to go. A detached panel can be placed a side of the water reservoir or even camouflaged among gardens’ greenery to absorb as much sun as possible. Every time the sunlight will fall on the panel, the built-in water pump will start working and sending beautiful sprays into the air. 

Solar powered submersible fountain

No matter what type of solar fountain Australia homeowners are looking for, with so many options and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you want.


Where to search for a vast range of solar fountains in Australia with free delivery?    

Sunny Bunny Australia offers an incredible range of DIY solar fountain for any water environment whether it is a swimming pool, garden pond of bird bath reservoir. There are all types of fountains and fountain pumps with or without battery or LED lights can be easily accessed online with a detailed description, quality photos and even customers reviews that help to make a right decision. Before selecting solar powered water fountain, we recommend to assess all options carefully and read previous reviews left by other Australians.   

Hop on the website to browse through our collection of solar powered fountains to find the right one that would best suit your particular outdoor area to transform it into a fantastic place to spend time in and relax. Before selecting Our support team is happy to assist with any questions and enquiries.

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