Solar Water Pumps

We offer a broad range of Solar Fountains and Solar Water Pumps powered by Green Energy for your Garden, Backyard, and Pond. There are different Styles and Designs available for order online with Free Delivery within Australia and New Zealand. Solar Fountains will help to decorate your garden and bring good nature spirit to your place. If you already have one, you may decide to get Water Pump and install it to your pond. Solar Fountains and Water Pumps are easy to maintain and do not require any additional electric wires or sources of power. All you need is just place Solar Panel under direct Sunlight and get Environment-friendly Green Energy to power your Fountain. Some of our Solar Fountain has built-in LED Light Illumination that adds additional charm and festive spirit to your garden without any extra costs for electricity. Run the fountains all days around and let the sun pay your bills. Stay Smart. Stay Green. Stay on the Sunny Side.