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    <p><span lang="en-us" xml:lang="en-us">Five or ten years ago people cannot even dream about toys and games that are accessible for kids nowadays. Some of the products for children are absolutely amazing that makes childhood of modern generation outstanding from a lot of perspectives. Sunny Bunny Solar Power Australian online retail company is specializing in providing toys and games like that. There is a massive assortment of solar toys includes a great collection of mini solar cars for kids of all ages and their families. These toy cars are powered be solar energy and do not require any extra sources of power, but direct sun. Sounds incredible, is not it? All models of solar cars contain little solar panels that provide the necessary energy to power toy engine and run the vehicle. Most of our products are self-assembly do-it-yourself cars that mean that engineering is part of a game. That fact not just brings more fun into the process, but also exercise kid’s creativity and develops other skills not to mention the understanding of physic, mechanic, and solar power as a sustainable source of energy. There are different models and colors of mini solar cars toys for any age, demand and budget available to order online with Free Delivery all around Australia and New Zealand. Some of the products can be an even great gift or smart present for boss, coworkers and colleagues for any particular events. We bet everyone can be proud to park solar electro car at their work desk even despite its toy nature. If you are already dreaming about Tesla electro car from Elan Mask, why would not start with solar car model?</span></p>
  • Solar Educational Toys

    <p>More and more parents nowadays are considering educating their kids from an earlier age to make sure the children developing well and are growing in a smart environment. There are a lot of impacts on these methods around and toys definitely play an essential role in the education process. The central question is: how to choose the right toys and games for toddlers and even teenagers? Sunny Bunny Solar Power Australian online retailer that is specializing in solar powered products got the answer. We offer an outstanding range of smart solar educational toys for kids of all ages and their parents. There are a variety of types and different models from jigsaw games, puzzles and constructor kits to self-assembly and do-it-yourself (DIY) style toys powered by solar energy. The main distinctive features that make our product different from others are educational orientation and necessary solar powered mechanism that turns every single toy into the scientific laboratory and place of exciting experiments. Solar educational toys allow kids to construct, create, and learn new things out of the fun game process. As the result, our solar toys help to exercise child’s brain ability, develop creativity and other skills and knowledge include an understanding of basics of physic, mechanic, construction and sustainable sources of energy like solar power. Some of the games can involve all family members in the game process and turn it into the outstanding time spent together with the kids. There are a lot of interesting solar educational toys that may be a great smart gift of present for children of even friends and colleagues for Christmas, New Year, Birthday or any other special event or occasion. Our team hopes that low prices for our products will pleasantly surprise you and Free Delivery all around Australia, and New Zealand will make our offers irresistible.     </p>

There are millions of toys around the world for kids of all ages. However, it is extremely difficult to choose the right one for your child to make sure that it does not only entertain him, but also develop skills and personalities during the game. Sunny Bunny Solar Power is one of the leading online retail companies in Australia in supplying solar toys for kids and their parents. We offer an extraordinary selection of different toys and games powered by solar energy for kids from 3+ years old and older till almost no limits because some of our products are suitable for all family entertaining. People who are shopping with us may be for 100 presents sure in high-quality and totally safety of all our toys and games. Our team is carefully selecting only the best offers on the toy marked and dealing with trusted suppliers around the world to make sure in exclusive quality and performance of each item. There are a great collection of solar cars powered by the direct sun, solar robots and transformers, boats, planes, helicopters, trains and other transport vehicles powered by solar. We have an impressive selection of solar educational toys and games includes self-assembly 6-in-1 kits, do-it-yourself toys and even solar 3D wooden puzzles that can play a major role in children’s brain and creativity development.   

There are a lot of scientific researches and studies that proof the fact toys and games play an incredibly important role in kid’s growth, education, and progress, and may even affect their future. We strongly believe that smart toys predetermine smart future for children. That is the reason we are focusing on supplying a variety of smart solar toys for children in hope that one day they become sustainable persons who strongly support renewable sources of energy includes solar power. Our team is passionate about alternative energy, and we would like to make solar products and solar toys affordable for masses of people around Australia and New Zealand. As part of our mission, we keep our prices low and offer Free Delivery for all range of our solar powered toys and games. 



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