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Solar Snake Repellers

Still wondering how to keep snakes away from your home? Thousands of Australians know the answer is a solar snake repeller!

Among the garden pests that pose a threat to people and pets alike, snakes are one of the most difficult to keep out. As many as four thousand people report snakebites in Australia each year. Snakes are attracted to crawl spaces, a pile of firewood or debris, tall grass, and areas where frogs, birds, and rodents are plentiful. Once they have occupied your property, they can be difficult to evict. The better option is to keep snakes away altogether. For thousands of Australians, solar snake repellers and similar to them repellents are the most effective choice for protecting their homes and families. 

Outdoor solar snake repellers protects from pests mice rats 

Why some people are still sceptical about a solar snake repeller and do they work?

The reason behind it is pure human’s phycology. It is hard to assess and believe in something that hardly can be seen like, for example, sound or ultra-waves that commonly used in repelling and deterring technology. However, science has shown a strong indication that snakes are very sensitive to vibrations in the ground that is difficult to measure without special tools. There is even evidence to suggest that they can detect the direction of particular vibrations and interpret them in various ways. Some kinds of vibration signal danger to snakes, which typically makes them want to avoid the source of that vibration.

A solar snake repeller does the job in this sense and can keep snakes away from your home, garden, and yard without harsh chemicals or physical barriers. Safe and energy efficient, a solar snake vibration repellent is a great way to keep unwanted pests from slithering in uninvited.

So now you are prepared! Next time one of your mates will express his concern: «does snake repellent really work?», you know quite a few facts to put on a table.

Solar snake repeller do they work 

Major facts about solar powered snake repellers to make you a pro

A solar powered snake repeller is a common type of snake repellents that run by the solar energy and works by emitting a pulsing vibration into the ground that snakes perceive as a source of danger. When faced with a perceived threat, snakes will most often choose to avoid the area and seek refuge elsewhere.

What makes this device unique is the powering source that allows operating snake deterrent almost anywhere where the sun shines. No matter how big your yard or crop field is, solar snake deterrent can be placed at any corner without any concern about electric cords and access to the power point.

Solar powered snake repellers how do they work

Solar powered snake repellers are easy to install, portable, and waterproof. You simply choose where you need protection and embed one end of the self-contained snake repellent unit several inches into the soil. Solar panels in the unit collect sunlight all day, powering efficient snake-repelling vibrations until long after dark. Entirely environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children, snake repellers are the smart choice for keeping your property snake-free.


The most common types of solar snake repellents to know before purchasing online

Based on electronic snake repellent reviews from thousands of Australians, a solar snake repellent is safe and one of the most effective ways to keep unwanted pests away and to deter snakes. The most common kinds of snake repellent utilise technologies including ultrasonic vibration and solar power to deliver effective protection in rural and even remote locations where power grid may not be available. 

Spread some waves and deter venomous pests with an ultrasonic solar snake repeller and repellent

Ultrasonic solar snake repeller covers large outdoor area

When you want a solar powered snake deterrent that delivers results, an ultrasonic snake repeller is the right choice. Ultrasonic wave emitters create vibrations in the ground that snakes interpret as a source of danger. Naturally averse to confrontation, snakes will generally avoid the source of ultrasonic vibration and scare away.

The same principle drives in ultrasonic solar snake repellent that makes this kind of devices similar to each other. They all emit ultrasonic waves that travel through the ground and produce vibrations that deter snakes. 

Shake the ground and scare away dangerous pests with Solar snake vibration repellent

As discussed previously, in fact, snakes hate all kinds of vibrations. With their sensitive tongues and bodies, they sense the world differently than humans do. A solar snake vibration repellent will make it unpleasant for snakes to approach, while you won’t feel or notice a thing.

Solar snake vibration repellent working diagram

Multiple scientific kinds of research in this field showed that technology widely utilised in a vibration wave snakes repeller is designed to create a particular noise and earth-borne vibrations that tricks snakes and other venomous pests into realising there is a danger coming from that area. Moreover, modern models of solar snake repellers equipped with the mode that accountable for changing vibration patterns so that dangerous creatures would not develop a tolerance and immune to the pulse and vibration. At the same time, these snake deterrents powered by solar are safe for pets so that the repelling devices can be on all the time.

Solar powered snake repellent is an independent maintenance free solution

It is well-known that protection is only valuable if it lasts. Using solar power to repel snakes from your garden or yard is a long-lasting, energy-efficient solution to long-term pest control. No wires, expensive installations, or harmful chemicals required. Just clean, renewable energy is all it takes to protect you and your loved ones.

Solar powered snake repellent works agains various pests

Snake repellents may come in a variety of shapes and forms, but all of them have a pre-installed rechargeable battery that works as a back-up for energy harvesting from the sun during the day. Once the device is turned on, it does not require any maintenance until about the year or year and a half when we usually recommend checking and replacing the batteries. 

Solar snake repeller with LED lights and other features

The technology in this field is continually developing to supercharge the products with the latest features. As an example, solar snake repellers with LED lights that combine an excellent repellent solution with a decorative element that brings attractive and practical accent for your garden or yard. A snake repellent with LED lights syndicates the best of both pest protection and lighting functionality with maintenance and cost-free approach supplied by the sunlight energy.

Solar snake repeller with LED lights for garden

So why only protect, when you can also create and decorate your entire outdoor space?


Where to buy solar snake repellers in Australia to get the best deal?

For the last years solar powered snake repellers have improved a lot, and now there are plenty of options to shop for energy-efficient snake deterrents available offline and online. We are not going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of shopping offline in the current article, but instead, we will focus on benefits of online shopping for snake repellents that offers much more choice with multiple special deals.

Solar snake repellers is Australia's choice

First of all, when shopping online, you get instant access to dozens of products from different suppliers without even leaving your comfortable chair. It is easy to find the local trusted and reliable retailer you are comfortable to buy from. For example, Sunny Bunny Solar Australia offers one of the best ranges of solar snake repellers in Australia. All types and kinds of devices to repel and keep away dangerous venomous snakes to choose from are present in one place. Products powered by the sun are available on the website with detailed description supported by high-resolution photos and customer reviews. On top of that, there some additional features like Special Offers, Featured Products and Customer Rating for each deterrent device that helps to navigate through a rich selection solar snake repellents that would suit any particular outdoor environment.

Second, while browsing through the products dedicated to deterring snakes, you can always contact the customer service team to ask any questions. For Sunny Bunny Australia, it is essential not only to provide to customers access to diverse options when they are shopping online but also to make sure they have a great overall experience. 

The best range of solar powered snake repellers with free delivery is what Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store offers on the everyday basis

Sunny Bunny Solar Australia as a leading company specialising in LED lights and other solar powered products and solutions for home and garden has a great collection of high-quality solar snake deterrents. There are different models available to buy online from the range that in general does not exceed $50 and even far less when the products are on sale. What makes online shopping with Sunny Bunny even more valuable, it is a Free Delivery to any part of Australia and New Zealand with no minimum orders or any other hidden costs.

solar vibration wave snakes repeller gives peace in mind 

In a nutshell, solar snake repellers are an excellent solution for those who are concerned about the safety and well-being of the family, loved pets or even stock without an unnecessary headache, complicated installation and harmful influence to the environment. Most of the deterrent devices are well-affordable and energy-efficient that would not add a penny to your electricity bill even for being running snake protection for 24 hours.

Snake repellers and deterrents are covering the average backyard, however, we always advise to use a couple of few of them to make sure that there are no blind spots and also just because there is never too much protection when it comes to keeping venomous creatures away. In cases when you need to cover a much larger area, we always happy to offer special deals and discounts for multiple items. 


Most frequently asked questions about solar powered snake repellers and deterrents

Q: There is some debatable information on the Internet about the efficiency of electronic snake repellent including some reviews. Do snake repellers work?

A: In short, there is serious research on ultrasound and vibration influence on various kinds of pests including snakes can be found and accessed online. Scientific studies have shown substantial evidence that such vibration is harmless, but have a deterring effect on most snakes. Based on our experience, most issues with solar snake repellers is a result of incorrect setup or misuse. Therefore, we advise carefully read the instruction and follow all steps of assembling the device to select the working options including the correct frequency. Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that one single device is able to cover an only particular limited area and cannot shield the zone outside of its range. In some cases, we advise to get and install several deterrents to guard the large outdoor area.  

Solar repeller is the answer to how to keep snakes away

Q: Some time ago I purchased a snake repeller from eBay, set it up and turned on; however it seemed like nothing happened. How can I check whether it deters snakes or not? 

A: First of all, we highly recommend buying repelling devices only from trusted Australian retailers to get the quality products. Second, the item may be on; however, our human senses may not notice the signs of functioning. For example, ultrasound or vibration cannot be heard by a human’s ear. Some models have lighting indicators that displayed when the repellent is active or in some cases, you can be able to feel slight vibration of the actual repeller stick installed into the ground. For instance, products like a solar powered snake repeller with LED lights allows to visually assess whether the device got the power and charged appropriately. 

Is it safe to operate a solar ultrasonic snake repeller if I have a dog?

A: Generally, ultrasonic devices are known for their safety not only for humans, but also for all kinds of domestic pets including dogs and cats, and also any other creatures. It is entirely harmless to use the deterrent product for any animals including cats and dogs and even snakes. That is why this repellent solution is also known as a non-lethal. 

Are solar powered snake deterrents reliable to keep snakes away from my yard 24 hours?

A: This parameter may depend on each product, but generally, most devices with solar panel are designed to stay active at night up to 8-10 hours when fully charged. At the same time, for instance, solar snake deterrents with lights may discharge the battery slightly faster that is the reason why manufacturers pre-install larger capacity batteries for devices with LED function.       


See what customers say about solar snake repellers in reviews


“I bought snake repeller for my mother in law after she told me she has a snake issue in her yard. We installed three sticks around the perimeter, and it looks like it makes snakes go away. She is very happy, same as me) The product is easy to use, no maintenance and other headaches”. Martin, Northern Territories

“So far so good. Somehow this summer multiple snakes had taken over my backyard. Every time I went out to my back garden for a cigarette I was running into snakes and at least one type was venomous, I was told. After that, I was so freaked out, so I completely avoided the entire area for weeks before getting these. I bought the repellents and as per the instruction put it together and placed out in the full sun for three days before turning them on. About a week later they are all running just fine (I can even hear it as well as having a light at night) and since then I can confirm I have not seen any snakes around. Some can argue whether there is clear scientific evidence that this approach to deterring snakes works or not, so far my results say they do the job. Along with snakes, it seems even tiny little lizards disappeared as well”. Cameron S. Queensland.  

“Just have to say that I love using the solar snake repeller because I even feel safer around the house. I also have a dog, and here in the north, we have all kinds of snakes you do not want in your backyard. It is safe using with pets and good for the environment is safe! The item keeps the snakes out!”. Georgia. Northern Territories. 

“We live at the base of a mountain in Australia, and we have snakes around. In fact, one of my friends even has lost a dog to a snake bite. I placed the snake deterrent around the perimeter of the home, and it works great. However, you have to reapply it after some precipitation when you have a lot of heavy rain”. Judy. New South Wales. 

“Last year I had few snakes around my house, so I started using solar powered snake repellent early in the spring season. Since then I have seen one at the back of my property. It looks like to have helped and I have ordered another couple of items”. Terry. Queensland.


Things to keep in mind when operating solar panel snake repellers and repellents

A snake repeller as any other solar powered product requires a sufficient amount of sunlight to be able functioning properly and recharging the battery through the photovoltaic panel. One of the major points is the product has been installed under the direct sun in an unshaded area where it is able to receive maximum sun during the day.


Coming soon: Top 5 Best solar snake repellers on the Australian market in 2019 based on expert’s opinions and customer’s reviews.

We are going to select for you the best of the best solutions to protect your garden from snakes.

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