Solar snake repellers

Sunny Bunny Solar Power Online Store Australia offers a broad range of Pest and Animal Control Repellents powered by Solar Power. We have different models suitable for garden and backyard. Most of the Repellents based on Ultrasound that cannot be heard by human beings, but it is very efficient against pests like rodents mice and rats, moles, snakes, wild animals and birds. Solar Pest Repellents work by emitting a sonic pulse with a particular frequency which most rodents and pests feel like a sound or a vibration transmitted through the ground. For most animals perception it indicates a dangerous zone, and they escape and avoid this particular area. Pest Control Products are totally safe for people, children, home pets, and are not harmful to animals, birds and non-lethal for wild animals. It just scares them. According to scientists, pest repellents are one of the best-existed ways to protect you home, garden, and backyard from pests, rodents, snakes, wild animals and unwanted birds. Some models of Solar Pest Repellents also have additional features like, for example, PIR Motion Sensors that allow to detect a presence of unwanted guests and scare them with flashing LED light for few seconds. Another feature is an actual sound that scares pests and birds when they approached the Repellent and got detected by sensors. One of the primary benefits of using Solar Pest Repellents is independents of a power source. Solar Products do not require any additional electric wires, energy source, or maintenance. These types of product can be used in remote areas. Solar Repellents are also cost-efficient solution against rats, mice, snakes and other pests. Also, to reasonable prices, we also offer Free Delivery within Australia and New Zealand.