Solar Portable Key Ring Mini Charger for iPhone 500mAh View larger

Solar Portable Key Ring Mini Charger for iPhone 500mAh


Solar Power Key Ring Portable Mini Charger 500mAh for iPhone 4 4s 3GS iPod Touch MD968 

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Item TypeMobile Power Bank
Body ColorBlack/ White
Body MaterialABS
Battery Type500mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Capacity500 mAh
Solar Panel0.125W
Power SupplySolar Power
Output Voltage5.5V
Life Time Periodup to 500 charges

This is key ring portable emergency Solar Power mini Charger comparable with some models of iPhone has 500mAh Battery Capacity and Powered with Eco-Friendly Green Source of Energy. It is light and very convenient to carry.

Ideal for: as emergency source of Power for iPhone while camping, hiking, traveling or any other sorts of outdoor activities.

For whom: for practical people who passionate about Solar Power Green Energy, have active life style, enjoy traveling and camping and cannot stand flat battery of iPhone.

Packages Includes:

1 x iPhone Solar Power charger.


Instruction notes:

1. Please charge the Solar Charger with the USB cable for iPhone when use it first time and then it can be charged under the Sun.

2. Set a Solar Charger under the Sun the way it gets the sun light at right angle.

3. Once it starts charging, LED light show red.

4. Charging time is about 6-10 hours in good condition under clear sky. So usually it takes 1.5-2.5 days in winter and 1-1.5 days in summer to fully charge.

5. Open the top and connect it with iPhone. It takes about 15-25 min to charge a device.

6. If you do not have time to charge Product from the sun, please charge it from AC adapter. It takes about 3 hours.

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