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Outdoor Garden LED Lamp Different Mount Design


Solar Power Outdoor LED Lamp Courtyard Garden Lawn Waterproof Light Different Mount Design Available

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  • Chapiter Lamp
  • Wall Lamp
  • Stake Lamp

Item TypeOutdoor Light in Different Mount Design
Body ColorBlack, Transparent
Body MaterialABS Plastic, Stainless Steel
Special FeaturesDifferent Mount Design
Power SupplySolar Power and Battery
Solar Panel6V/ 120mA
Battery TypeLithium Battery 3.7V, 3800mAh
Battery Capacity3800mAh
Charging Time8-10h
Working Time8~10h
Light Source20 LED Bulbs
Light EffectSteady ON
Light BrightnessBright
Average Lighting Area3-5sqm
Automatic Light SensorYes
LenghtChapiter Lamp Size 35cm*20cm*16cm, Wall Lamp Size 20cm*23cm
HeightFloor Lamp Size 80cm, Pin Lamp Size 80cm.

Solar Power Outdoor LED Lamp is energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product that can fill the environment around house, backyard or garden with nice and cozy atmosphere without additional costs for electricity. Solar Lamp is powered by Solar Pane that recharges the battery by the sunlight in the daytime without the additional external power source and covert the power into electric at night. The length of lighting time depends on sunlight intense during the day. Usually LED lights can keep glowing for about 8-12 hours after fully charged during the day.

The Lamp comes in 3 different mount for different purposes: Chapiter Lamp, Stake Lamp for a lawn and Wall Lamp. All these models are convenient and easy to install, use and maintain. The Light does not require any special maintenance or operating. Build in Automatic Light Sensor turns the Light ON at night and OFF at the daytime.

Ideal for: organizing decorative elegant lighting of the environment around the house, balcony, backyard or garden at night time and add a charming, decorative glow to courtyard, pathway, patio or flowerbeds.

Who may like this: practical person who likes to transform and decorate environment around the house without additional costs for electricity by using energy-saving and environmentally-friendly Solar Power Green Energy.


Note: Different Design Lights come with different product accessories. Please, make sure you have chosen the most suitable for you needs. See the pictures to view the details.


Installation and Maintenance Notes:

1. The light is designed for use OUTDOORS in an open (unshaded) location.

2. The Solar Panel should be located where sunlight can fall directly on the panel. For the very first time use the Solar Power Lamp turn the switch ON and place it under the sun exposure for about 2 days.

3. Try to avoid locations with other sources of light (e.g. streetlights, floodlights etc) because that may affect Light Sensor. The Lamp Sensor designed only to turn the Light ON in dark conditions, and may not operate properly if other light reflects on the panel.

4. The Light is weatherproof and can be left outside in rain, but should not to be exposed to water jets or immersed.

5. If using Stake Lamp please locate each light by insert the spike in the ground, choose a location where there is soft ground, the spike to be pushed in easily.

6. Do not scratch the Solar Panel and keep it clean.

Warning Notes:

1. Keep the product away from fire and sources of heat.

2. Do not allow water to come into the lamp and contact with the batteries or wiring.

3. Some condensate may form inside the Lamp or solar panel in cold weather conditions. This is normal and can be ignored.

Package Included:

1 x Solar Power Lamp (depends on chosen complectation: Chapiter Lamp/ Stake Lamp/ Wall Lamp).


Good garden lamp - stake

Good garden lamp. I've got the stake version. Although it was already installed a charged battery :-) It is not very bright, but good enough to light the garden or stairway at night. Very nice


    Outdoor garden led lamps

    Excellent lighting, lasts for hours. A bit disappointed in the uprights (rather thin for the height) but hopefully the foliage will cover that in time.


      Bright enough LED lamp with Liion battery

      Good LED light. Bright just enough for night time. The photos on the site are real. Li-Ion Battery inside (2000 mAh) Recommended!

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        Outdoor Garden LED Lamp Different Mount Design

        Outdoor Garden LED Lamp Different Mount Design

        Solar Power Outdoor LED Lamp Courtyard Garden Lawn Waterproof Light Different Mount Design Available

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