Solar lamps

Outdoor lighting can turn any yard, patio, or pool area into a beautiful, functional space. But adding traditional lighting to your outdoor space can be an expensive hassle, since most require wiring and professional installation, and will run up your utility bills. Why not consider solar lamps instead? 

What to know before looking for a Solar lamp online?

First of all, solar lamps are usually outdoor lights that run on solar power. Useful in a wide range of applications, outdoor solar lamps generally consist of an LED light, one or more solar panels, and a rechargeable battery. The solar panels use sunlight to charge the battery, which then powers the solar lamp at night. Many are equipped with daylight sensors and designed to turn on automatically each evening, creating a welcoming glow all night long.

high-quality outdoor Solar lamps for Australia

Solar lamps come in a wide range of styles, and quality can vary widely, so it’s important to remember that cheaper is not always better. High-quality LED solar lamps tend to look and function like more traditional electrical lights, guaranteeing years of efficient outdoor lighting with the look you want.


360-Degree benefits of switching your existing outdoor lighting to a Solar powered lamp

The benefits of a solar powered lamp make it a great option for updating existing outdoor lighting. Perhaps the most essential advantage of installing solar powered lamps in your yard, patio, or garden is how efficient and environmentally friendly they are. Solar lamps run on solar energy, so no need for unsightly wiring or high electricity bills. They create no pollution and require no fuel rather than clean natural power.

Solar powered lamp with motion sensor diagram

Another significant advantage of switching to solar powered lamps is how versatile they are. Solar lamps come in a wide range of styles, so customising the perfect look is easy. And solar powered outdoor lamp can be installed just about anywhere without special tools, an appealing feature for do-it-yourself projects. Whether you need lighting options for a walkway, patio, pool area, entryway, or garden, you will enjoy 360-degree benefits with quality solar powered lamps.


The most common types of Solar lamps for outdoor lighting in Australia

In size and appearance, solar lamps for outdoor lighting can vary widely. The most common types of solar lamps available in Australia range from patio and street lamp styles to full-size lamp post solar lamps. Versatile and functional, you could use outdoor solar lamp lights to top off a stone pillar, add ornamentation to an entryway, or illuminate a dark corner of the yard. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of solar lamps for outdoor lighting in Australia. 

Charm your guests with solar patio lamps

Outdoor Solar patio lamp with sensor for enhanced security

Lighting and decorating a patio is an easy task with solar patio lamps. Create the perfect mood lighting for your gatherings or relaxing summer nights with freestanding solar powered patio lamps on posts, or hang them from a hook or chain for a charming rustic touch. By placing your solar patio lights in a spot that’s sunny during the day, you can have long-lasting patio light well after dark. No need to worry about high electric bills or overheating bulbs: your solar patio lamps will glow cool and efficient, night after night.

Street lighting’s a breeze with a solar street lamp

Dark sidewalks and street corners may invite the wrong kind of visitors to your home. Why not keep the lights on and the unwanted guests away with an outdoor solar street lamp? Creating a welcoming pool of energy-efficient light in front of your house is great for both home security and adding the perfect accent to your landscaping or architecture. And solar powered street lamps are easy to install, with freestanding models widely available. You can also customise the look of your LED solar street lamps with poles that feature one, two, or even three outdoor solar lamps.

Outdoor Solar street lamp is ideal for security and decoration

Create the perfect night garden with solar yard lamps

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful yard; why enjoy it only during the day? With solar yard lamps, you can create landscaping accents that will put your hard work on display for your guests and allow you to enjoy your yard until late into the night. With no wires required, you can install a solar powered yard lamp just about anywhere. Create a whimsical scene with a charming lamp post, or line a path with outdoor solar lamps on ground hooks. No matter what kind of lighting you want for your yard, a solar light lamp can handle any sort of project.

Go big on ground-level style with solar lawn lamps

While your lawn may not be the first place, you think of when you consider accent lighting, taking a look at what decorative solar lawn lamps have to offer might just change that. Create dramatic effects and safe walkways with LED solar lamps for outside that glow close to the ground. With simple ground stakes and a bit of effort, solar powered lawn lamps are easy to install. What’s more, solar lawn lamps can add a level of illumination to your yard that won’t detract from the other features.

Give your style a lift with a solar lamp post

LED Solar lamp post is perfect solution for a garden landscape

Lamp posts are a beautiful accent to any yard, walkway, or patio. LED Solar lamps posts are perfect for creating multiple lighting levels in a landscape or providing just the right touch of overhead lighting to space. When dark corners are a problem, adding a small or large solar lamp post can banish those shadows and add a decorative touch to the outdoors. There are many styles of solar powered lamp posts to choose from, with LED light posts that hold just one solar lantern to those designed to suspend two, three, or even more gracefully.


Reasons you should not underestimate the power of solar garden lamps for exterior decoration

LED Solar garden lamps for advanced outdoor lighting

The right lighting can transform a garden space into a beautiful, functional spot. Whether you envision your garden as a gathering spot for friends and family or a peaceful place to relax, exterior lighting can add the perfect decorative accent everyone will admire. Solar lamps feature 360-illumination, installed at any height you choose. So, whether your dream garden includes lining a walkway or patio with charming lamp posts or creating an ornamental lighting system for your entire outdoor space, you can have it all. Whether your style is fun or elegant, modern or whimsical, there is a solar garden lamp out there made just for you. Solar garden lamps are the attractive and energy-efficient way to accent your landscaping and enhance your evening leisure time.


Where to buy outdoor solar lamps in Australia to get the best deal?

For the last years solar powered lamps have developed a lot, and now there are multiple options for places to shop for solar energy lamps including online shopping. There are advantages and disadvantages of purchasing products offline, but we would instead concentrate on benefits of online shopping for LED light lamps that offer much higher value for the money especially when it comes to special deals and sales.

The very first point is, when purchasing online, you have instant access to hundreds of products from various suppliers. Local trusted and reliable suppliers can be easily found in just a few clicks of your mouse. Let’s, for example, have a closer look at Sunny Bunny Solar Australia that has one of the most significant ranges of solar lamps in Australia. Different types of devices high-quality LED lighting products to illuminate or decorate any outdoor environment are located in just one place. Outdoor lighting products powered by solar are laid out on the website with a comprehensive description followed by quality photos and previous customer reviews. Moreover, there are other helpful features like Special Offers and Discounts, specially selected Featured Products and Customer Ratings for each lamp that makes it easier to navigate through a wide selection of solar lamps for outdoor and indoor lighting for any taste and environment.

Second, it is simple to contact a customer service team to ask any questions while browsing through the product list online. Sunny Bunny Australia is eager to provide not just an access to multiple solar lighting solutions online, but also to make sure that Australians have a great shopping experience.

The biggest range of solar powered lamps and outdoor lighting with free delivery is what Sunny Bunny Solar Power has to offer

Sunny Bunny Solar Australia as a leading company specialising in LED solar lights and other solar powered products and solutions for home and garden has a vast range of high-quality solar LED lamps. We have various models available to purchase online from the range between $35 and $75, not to mention extremely low prices for solar light lamps on sale. What makes shopping online with Sunny Bunny even more exciting is that we offer all our solar lamps with Free Delivery to any part of Australia and New Zealand.


See what customers say about solar lamps in reviews

“Wow. The solar lamp I bought for my garden is so easy to put it, do not even need to install it. It worked right out of the box, just need some sun. It has two lighting modes. Nice and bright. Definitely better than what I expected”. Kerry. Adelaide, SA

“I got couple solar LED lamps to light up landscape rocks in my garden and they work just great resting on the ground. So I have ordered two more of these lights. The lamps are excellent, bright and even heavy rain is not an issue for these products. I may have a look at some other solar lights from the sunny bunny store with a motion sensor this time for stairs. Hard to choose since solar powered lights have passed a long way since some sort of simple pathway sticks and stuff”. Roger. Queensland

“I just received two of solar powered outdoor lamps I have bought from sunnybunny.com.au and got them mounted easily with the single screw. Left the lights charging out of the box to test after dark and they work awesome! I have put them slightly below the roof as planned. I was looking at dozens of these types of lamps and was struggling to find the right one, compact and bright at the same time. For the money, I think these LED lamps are such a great buy!” Kevin, Victoria


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We are going to select for you the best of the best outdoor lighting solutions to illuminate your home, garden and yard without maintenance hustle and electricity bills.