Outdoor 7V 1.2W Solar Fountain with submersible Water Pump for Garden Pond View larger

Outdoor 7V 1.2W Solar Fountain with submersible Water Pump for Garden Pond


Outdoor Garden Solar Fountain with 7V 1.2W Submersible Water Pump for a Pond Landscape Garden Decoration Energy-efficient Solar Panel with high conversion rate Direct sun power supply No battery require Variety of different shapes of nozzles for water spray Easy to assemble and operate

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Item TypeSolar Fountain with Submersible Water Pump
Body TypeCompact Submersible Water Pump
Body ColorBlack
Body MaterialEngineering plastic
Maximum Flow180L/h
Maximum Pumping Height30-60cm
Special FeaturesCompact size; Submersible Water Pump; Durable, long Lifespan; Variety of shapes of nozzles for water spray.
Solar PanelMonocrystalline Silicon 7V 1.2W
Solar Panel Size11cm x 11cm x 2,5cm
Power SupplySolar Power direct sunlight without storage
Life Time Periodmore than 20 000h
Working Timedepends on sunlight
Impeller Inhaled FormSingle suction

This Product is Outdoor 7V 1.2W Solar Garden Fountain with submersible water pump powered by direct sunlight and do not require any electric wires or additional sources of energy. It has energy-efficient 1.2W Solar Panel with high conversion rate. This decorative fountain will bring nature spirit to your pond or garden. The solar Fountain is suitable and friendly for bird baths, small ponds, fish tanks, garden decoration, etc. Because of a compact size, it will fit even small ponds.

Submersible Fountain contains water pump that provides stable and efficient performance. There is variety of different shapes of nozzles can be connected to be water pump to get diverse water spray. It is simple to install, operate and maintain.


Ideal for: decorating outdoor areas like a garden, backyard, small pond, fish tank, etc. without maintenance costs.


For whom: a practical person who is looking for decoration solution for the garden and want to make it more natural looking, and also who feels responsibility for the future and appreciate Solar Power clean Energy and Green Technology.



- Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Product powered by Solar Power.

- Compact size suitable even for a small pond.

- Durable, long Lifespan.

- A variety of different shapes of nozzles for water spray.

- User-friendly Design, no wiring or any installation needed.

- Easy to assemble and operate.


Package Included:

1 x Solar Water Pump.

1 x Instruction.


Maintenance Notes:

1. The Water Pump is driven directly by the sunlight and might affect by weather, seasons, climate, etc.

2. Avoid using the Pump without water.

3. The Pump may require regular cleaning.

4. Keep the product away from small children.


worth the money and time

I bought one.. tried it out.. then bought another one because I like it that much!!! 5 thumbs up...

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