7.2V Landscape Solar Fountain Decoration with DC Brushless Water Pump for Garden and Pond View larger

7.2V Landscape Solar Fountain Decoration with DC Brushless Water Pump for Garden and Pond


7.2V Solar Powered Fountain with DC Electric Brushless Water Pump for Garden and Pond Landscape Decoration Cooling Down the air around and Increasing Humidity Energy-efficient 2.5W Solar Panel Pre-installed Rechargeable 800mAh Battery Built-in energy-saving DC Brushless Water Pump Motor with long Span life Strong Spray Flow Performance up to 80cm Eco-friendly and Suitable for pond or tanks with fishes

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Item TypeSolar Fountain with Water Pump
Body TypeCompact Brushless Water Pump with Solar Panel
Body ColorBlack
Body MaterialEngineering plastic
Maximum Flow175L/h
Maximum Pumping Height80cm
Spray Height15-45cm (depends on sprayer attached)
Special FeaturesPre-installed rechargeable battery 800mAh; Spray Flow up to 80cm; DC Brushless Water Pump motor with longer lifespan.
Battery TypeNi-MH 7.2V 800mAh Rechargeable Battery AA
Battery Capacity800mAh
Battery IncludedYes
Solar PanelSingle Crystal Silicon 2.5W
Solar Panel Size13,2cm x 17,3cm
Power SupplySolar Panel with Rechargeable Battery
Pump Power0.8W
Impeller Inhaled FormSingle suction

This is brand new decorative Fountain with a 7.2V DC Brushless Water Pump powered by Solar that do not require electric wires or additional sources of energy. Solar Fountain should be just placed in the water without external battery or electrical outlet. Energy-efficient 2.5W Solar Panel has a high conversion rate of Solar Energy into electricity. The product has pre-installed battery 800mAh that allow storing solar energy and providing power to water pump even during the night or cloudy weather. This Landscape Fountain with attractive appearance will bring true nature spirit to a garden and create a unique environment at a pond. The solar Fountain is suitable small ponds, for bird baths, fish tanks, etc. It is so easy to add unique charm, fun and joy to a backyard or garden with Fountain like this.

Solar Fountain Kit contains new DC brushless water pump that provides stable flow and fantastic efficient performance up to 80cm. The product is easy to set up, operate and maintain. 


Ideal for: adding charm and decorating outdoor areas like a garden, backyard, small pond, fish tank, etc. without extra effort and maintenance costs. The fountain is also suitable for cooling down the area during the hot day.


For whom: a practical person who is looking for decoration solution for the garden and also who feels responsibility for the future and appreciates Solar Power Clean Energy and Green Technology.



- Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Product powered by Solar Power.

- High Solar Power Conversion Rate.

- Pre-installed rechargeable battery 800mAh.

- High Spray Flow Performance up to 80cm.

- Cool Down the air around and increasing the humidity.

- Built-in DC Brushless Water Pump motor with a longer lifespan and lower power consumption.

- User-friendly Design, no wiring or any installation needed.


Package Included:

1 x Solar Panel.

1 x DC Brushless Pump

1 x Pack of Accessories.


Maintenance Notes:

1. Assemble the product according to the sketch map.

2. The Water Pump is driven directly by the sunlight, so it will work continuously only when the sunlight is enough. That means, as the efficiency of the Solar Panel depends on the sunlight, the Water Pump is also affected by weather, seasons, climate, etc.

3. Keep the Solar Panel clean and free of dirt that can shade the sunlight. Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth or a dry brush only. Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

4. Avoid using the Pump without water for a long time otherwise, it may cause damage and shortens the lifespan.

5. The Pump may require regular cleaning depends on environment where it operates. Dirt may cause stop working.

6. Keep the product away from small children.

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