Solar Fairy Lights 500 LED Outdoor Decoration String View larger

Solar Fairy Lights 500 LED Outdoor Decoration String


Solar Fairy Lights String 500 LED Outdoor Decoration Party Decoration for Christmas Xmas Easter Festival Wedding Birthday Party Outdoor Holiday Style Backyard Garden House Trees energy efficient Solar Panel with pre-installed rechargeable battery variety of colors. 

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Item TypeFairy Lights String
Automatic Light SensorYes
Light Source500 LED Bulbs
LED ColorWhite/ Blue/ Warm White/ Colorful RGB
Battery Capacity5200mAh
Power SupplySolar Power
Working TimeSteady On mode 6-8h; Flash mode 8-12h
Charging Time4-6h
Wire Length50m

High quality bright 500 LED Fairy Lights String powered with Solar Power Green Energy for outdoor garden, backyard or special events decoration. Fully charges with Solar Power Panel, does not need electricity wires or addition batteries. Bright Fairy Lights operates with two different modes: flashing and stead on. The product has automatic light sensor, the lights turns on automatically at night.

The product completely safe and environment-friendly, easy to install and use.

Ideal for: outdoor decoration, especially for garden, trees, backyard, yachts and boats, etc. Perfect for special events like Christmas and New Year Party, Wedding, Birth Days.

For whom: person who likes to design and decorate house and environment around without additional costs for electricity by using Solar Power Green energy

Package Included:

1 X Solar Fairy Lights.

1 X Solar Light panel.

1 X Plastic Pointed Stake.

1 X User manual.


Installation Note:

1. Turn on the switch.

2. Face the panel directly to the sunshine,make sure at least 8 hours of exposure to getting the solar energy.

3. Turn off the switch if you don't want your light to work automatically.

4. Please turn off before keeping elsewhere.


Maintenance Notes:

- Clean the surface of the Solar Panel with a soft, slightly moistened cloth or a dry brush only.

- Do not use any corrosive cleaning liquids or chemicals since this may damage the housing surface or impair future operation.

- Keep the Solar Panel free of dirt, debris and snow otherwise the battery will not charge properly or might also shorten battery life or cause a malfunction.

- It is recommended to place the product under the sun for recharging even it is not being used to prevent from dead battery and maximize its life.

- In case when the product is not being used for a long time, charge it for at least 10 hours by the sun before use. 


500 LED fairy lights

Just finished to install fairy light 500 LED in warm white colour. It arrived in about two weeks from the moment it was shipped. Since it was free delivery, that is ok. Will see how long the lights will hold the charge, but for now it looks amazing. Nice Christmas spirit.


    Solar fairy lights for Xmas

    I am happy with my lights i have bought for this Xmas. Have had no problems so far. Have not seen such long fairy lights srings at Bunnings or Kmart


      Solar 500 LED string

      Each LED lights only dimly, so not great as a straight string, but very good as a tree wrap where you can space them closely to get a good effect. On a flash mode I get about 5-6 hours run time at the everage sunny day in NSW, so impressive given it's running 500 LED's. Also note that this product differs from the shorter solar strings . This one has 2 channels, and the flash effect has various different alternating and fading patterns. The shorter strings have only one channel and simply blink on/off without the effects of this one.


        Lights up the tree

        It lights up our tree this Xmas in the garden. Great value.


          Little Stars

          I wanted something to hang over my house and this seemed perfect for that. I haven't hung them up yet, but I did leave the panel out to get 4-5 hours of sun and they are on every night when I get home. Looks like little stars.


            Perfect on a tree

            I put them up in the street tree in front of our house and they look fantastic! Easy setup and work great!

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