Sunny Bunny Solar Power Online Store Australia offers a wide range of Portable Solar Chargers and Power Banks with USB for IPhones, Samsung, Smart Phones, all types of Mobile Phones, IPad, Android Tablets, GPS, Cameras, PSP, MP3 Players, USB Music Speakers, and other mobile gadgets and electronic devices. Some of the models had built-in rechargeable batteries that allow storing Solar Energy as a Power Banks to provide charging whenever you need while the others work as a direct Energy Chargers by Converting Solar Energy into the Power for electronic devices. There are different models and colors of Solar Power Banks available. We have 3000mAh, 5000mAh, 7000mAh, 9000mAh, and one of the most popular models with 10000mAh and more. Solar Chargers also have different additional features like LED Emergency Lights and Torches, Power Indicators, Dual USB Ports for charging multiple gadgets, and many others that can be handy and helpful while traveling, camping, hiking, fishing, and doing any other outdoor activities without access to the electricity power sockets.  

There is variety of models of Portable Solar Panels with different strengths and sizes available to order online. One of the best sales in our online store is Solar Backpacks with Solar Panel attached to provide energy out of sunlight. For all our Solar Products we offer Free Delivery within Australia and New Zealand.