Security Imitation CCTV Camera with Blinking Red LED View larger

Security Imitation CCTV Camera with Blinking Red LED


Solar Power Dummy Fake Security Imitation CCTV Camera Surveillance with Blinking LED

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Item TypeDummy CCTV Camera
Body TypeBullet Camera
Body ColorBeige
Body MaterialPlastic
Special FeaturesBlinking LED
Power SupplySolar Power or Battery (AAA)
Lens Type3.6mm

The Imitation CCTV Camera has realistic appearance and looks exactly like the real monitor and CCTV camera. Because of the appearing as an actual security camera it provides cheap and effective way to protect your homes, shops and business and also conserves energy and protects the environment. Blinking red LED, that flashes in 5 second intervals, and realistic wiring can make it appear to work as a real security camera.

Imitation CCTV Camera is powered by Solar Energy at day time, while it use battery for night time. It is also suitable for indoor use, so in this case it can be powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included).

In shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, parking, library, offices, warehouses factories, markets, parks, stadiums, residential area around or go through some of the prominent intersection location, install one or several simulation CCTV cameras, can be very effective to prevent crimes and deter thieves or criminals.

The Imitation CCTV Camera is easy to install onto the wall with bracket and fixings.

Package Includes:

    1 x Dummy solar powered camera

    3 x Screws

    1 x Sticker

Ideal for: home, office, factory, school, garage, shopping center, supermarket etc.

For whom: person, who is looking for cost/result efficient way to organize the protection of particular area like house, garage, office etc.   


So real!

I got two of these cameras. They look so real, have certainly made the think twice about their behaviour. It‘ve made my life a lot more peaceful. Nice device for my property


    It looks like the real one!!!

    It is very realistic of security CCTV Cam! I put two of them extra from the real cameras to my backyard and it looks like they do their JOB! Highly recommended. Good quality.


      Looks real

      The camera looks very real. The light start blinking as soon as the sun hit the solar panel. Recommend!


        Realistic and reasonable

        Pros: It looks realistic and has all the accessorizes, like screws and video monitoring sign. Good thing is it blinks red even without batteries using solar panel with low sun light. Hopefully it can charge my rechargeable batteries easily. It was very easy to set it up (just need to drill 3 wholes) and set a right angle.
        Cons: it has plastic body (expected it for this price) not sure how it will survive winter. Bottom line: totally recommend it for anyone looking for such solution.

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