Indoor solar lights

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    $ 64.75

    Colourful LED Solar Powered Floating Light for Swimming Pool, Pond or Garden outdoor decoration with Remote is a high-quality multifunctional product with number features. Fully waterproof and heat resistant compact light can float on the surface of the water or submerse while glowing and illuminating the night. It is also suitable for indoor after charging under the direct sun outside. Double holiday lighting with SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 or more WITH 10% DISCOUNT

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    Multifunctional Emergency 7W 14 LED Solar Powered Portable Camping Lighting Bulb E27 with extended battery and USB charging port is a high-quality ARILUX product with multiple features. The camping lamp can be used indoor as a regular grid or emergency lighting bulb, as an outdoor light plus as a power bank for charging electronic devices including mobile phones. Double lighting power with SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 or more WITH 10% DISCOUNT

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    Outdoor Garden Solar Powered 100 LED Strip Fairy Light party decoration is a high-quality DIY lighting product with multiple features. Fully waterproof flexible rope lights can be a great outdoor decoration for households for everyday or for special events like Christmas, New Years, Wedding, Birthday Party etc. Double lighting performance with SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 or more WITH 10% DISCOUNT

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    Universal portable 48 LED Solar Powered Shed Bar Light with adjustable lighting brightness mode is fully independent of the grid lamp suitable for indoor and outdoor. It has two charging options: via Solar Panel or regular DC charging. Detached Solar Panel makes the light bar ideal for garden sheds, garages & storages, verandas, balconies, camping tents & other places in shade areas or even indoor. It comes with a base stand, hook & wall hanging hole for...

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    Universal indoor and outdoor 10 LED Solar powered shed light with double heads and detached Solar Panel is fully independent of the grid lighting device. It provides a lot of flexibility in installation and usage for places like garages, sheds, garden storages, verandas and other places in shade areas or even indoor

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    Outdoor wall solar powered sensor light with 38 LED and detached solar panel has three major lighting modes including Motion Sensor only with up to 8m range or with DIM light, all-night wall light with the half of brightness to stretch the battery. The solar panel can be detached from the light body to provide flexibility with the LED light in shade areas, under the shed or even indoor. Improve household outdoor lighting with SPECIAL OFFER: BUY 2 or more WITH 6% DISCOUNT

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    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Compact LED Solar Shed Light with manual pull cord switch is a fully Solar Powered product that does not require any additional electric wires or other sources of energy. The solar panel is separated from the light head that provides flexibility in installation. The shed light has a manual switch that makes it extremely convenient for Australian households including a shed, patio, veranda, garage etc. 

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    Suitable for indoor use Ceiling LED Solar Shed light with manual and remote control is a fully Solar Powered product that does not require any additional electric wires or other sources of energy. The solar panel is detached from the light head that provides flexibility in operating the lighting. It has a manual switch and also remote control that makes the solar shed light extremely convenient for Australian households such as a shed, patio, garage etc.

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    Indoor solar light intelligent Solar Power Table Night Lamp designed as Magician Jar Light ideal as an all-night emergency Table Lamp for kid’s room Energy-Efficient Solar Panel Built-In Automatic Light Sensor Easy Maintain and Convenient to operate Suitable for Indoor use

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    Indoor solar light Ceramic Color Changing Table Lamp LED for Garden or Indoor use High Solar Conversion Rate Corrosion-Resistant Moisture-Proof Built-In Automatic Light Sensor Two Lighting Modes: Constant White Steady On or Color Changing RGB Colors suitable for Garden Lawn Backyard Balcony or indoor coffee table bedside table etc.

What makes indoor solar lights so attractive for thousands of households?

It's hard to find one’s who have not heard about the benefits of exploiting solar energy to power outdoor lighting. However, there is not much known about indoor solar lights. Even today when solar technology is so well-introduced to the world, there is still a bit of scepticism about solar powered interior lighting. One of the main reasons: it is not clear where all sunlight comes from inside of a premise. It might be a surprise, but there are plenty of different options start from windows that let the sun goes through and to using backyard, balcony or terrace to charge the battery with a solar panel. That makes the interior use lighting products almost an ideal environment-friendly source of lights for home. As the result, LED indoor solar lights can be found in people’s houses, living rooms and bedrooms, offices and study rooms and keep captivating thousands of hearts around Australia and the world. 

Superior experience and the greatest value of LED indoor solar lights at Sunny Bunny Australia

There are hundreds of diverse types of LED indoor solar lights for interior lighting available to purchase online in a variety of styles, colours and functionality. One of the biggest assortments of interior solar lights can be found at Sunny Bunny Australia. There are high-quality solar LED bedside table lights and all-night lamps, solar table lights and lamps for reading with soft lighting and eyes protection, variety of solar lamps for kid’s rooms, study rooms and designers solutions for living rooms, and offices include solar desk lamps. All products are carefully selected to provide a superior experience of using solar technology and the greatest value for the money with totally Free Delivery in Australia and New Zealand. Customer care program and secure e-commerce tools will help to make the online shopping at Sunny Bunny relaxed and enjoyable. 

Indoor solar lighting is the way to a sustainable lifestyle 

Indoor solar lighting is ideally suited for creating a comfortable and pleasant lighting in all parts of a house and accommodating special needs whether it is night reading, studying or maintaining weak all-night illumination in kid’s bedroom. These LED lights are safe, energy- and cost- efficient and what is even more exciting do not require any wires, cords and electricity. Indoor solar lights can ideally suit individuals who live in a harmony with nature and support eco-friendly products while still appreciate new technology and do not want to sacrifice any of them. Green products and solutions are an entire part of modern life, and interior lighting is not an exception. Moreover, solar lights have absolutely advantage when power outages or any other emergency happen.