Solar flood lights

What should be known about solar flood lights?

An Illumination of your property at night can be an amazing solution that can either be beneficial for decoration and security. One of the best options is solar flood lights. There are many different models and types on the market today to choose. However, what should be known about floodlights to consider?
Solar powered lights usually consist of attached or detached solar panel which charges batteries and the actual light head with LED bulbs. The brightness of the light depends on the number of these LED chips and may vary from few to 150 pieces and even more. Most of the models of floodlights have a built-in light sensor that set the light into an active mode at night and deactivate it for charging at the day. On top of that, some models also equipped with motion sensor also known as PIR motion sensor that reacts on movement in front of the light and turns it on when needed. This feature does not just make such operation mode convenient but also benefits for security purpose. Standard On and Off switch is not a very common option, however, is still can be found.
LED Solar flood lights are well-known for their energy efficiency and significantly reduced maintenance and service costs due to long life. In comparison to traditional halogen lamp LED lights last 5-10 times longer. No need to mention the amount of money that can be saved just by using solar power instead of electricity.

How to choose solar LED flood lights?

Solar LED flood lights provide illumination over a wide area. When selecting solar outdoor floodlights, it is necessary to consider at least the purpose of lighting, brightness and operation mode. It is better to plan ahead and consider whether the light is it for a confined space or an open space? What is the primary purpose whether it is safety or convenience? Depends on answers floodlights with a variety of features can be easily compared to find the best solution. Just to keep in mind detached solar panel connected to the head of the light by cable can be a great idea in circumstances when solar panel needs to be placed on a distance from the light to get the most sun while placing the light where needed. Usually, from a full sunny days’ charge, the light will last all night.
The use of outdoor solar LED flood light is not restricted to just gardens or residential purpose. Even despite that garden flood lights are one of the most popular ones, LED, floodlights are also commonly used on commercial buildings, boats and in car parks. Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and long-lasting bright LED can provide great performance for areas that are difficult to get to and required a reliable light.

How are LED solar sensor flood lights different?

There is no doubt many people experienced the inconvenience of coming home in the dark, tripping over the stairs and fumbling for keys. However, to leave the porch light on all day is not an option as well. So, LED solar sensor flood lights are a great solution for maintaining lightening at the desired area without adding a fortune for an electricity bill. That simply makes motion-activated security lights very popular in Australia that offers a quite extensive range of models.
The eco-friendly LED solar sensor light absorbs the sun and charges the batteries during the day. At night time, the motion sensor (also can be known as a passive infrared sensor) can detect movements with an extended range within a 180-degree radius and trigger the switch to turn it on.
Another significant advantage of these types of floodlight is that it has different settings that can be adjusted to set the motion detector’s sensitivity and time of the light should stay on after a motion is identified and light is turned on.
The LED solar sensor flood light is a smart and simple technology that is capable of delivering an extraordinary value for the money.

How to find the best supplier of solar flood lights in Australia?

Despite the fact that Australia yet is not well-known for manufacturing solar flood lights, same as other solar-powered systems, however, the market is currently continuously growing from year to year. Suppliers offer a wide range of this type of lights that can be easily found online like Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store based in Australia that is specialising on providing solar powered LED lights and other products with free delivery nationwide. Orders can be shipped free of charges not only to metropolitan areas including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin Cairns and Hobart but also to the remote areas in all states NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.