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Solar Lights, Battery Chargers, and Electronic Gadgets

National’s biggest range of solar powered products and solutions for everyday life include outdoor lighting, garden and backyard protection, power banks and battery chargers, educational toys at unbeatable prices with free delivery in Australia.

Sunny Bunny Solar Power Store is one of Australia’s leading online providers of a variety of solar products and solutions for home and outdoor decoration, garden and backyard maintenance, traveling and sports activities, safety, entertainment, and education. We have more than 200 different products powered by solar for strict demand and diverse budget.
We offer impressive range and the most comprehensive collection of solar lighting for a variety of occasions and environment from interior solar Table Lamps, solar Wall Lights, solar Flood Lights and Garden Spotlights to Decorative LED solar Fairy String Lights include Outdoor Party Lights and solar Emergency Lamps with PIR Motion Detection Sensor. We will help you to decorate a Garden or Backyard for Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter or any other important events without any hassle or extra maintenance costs for electricity.

Sunny Bunny also provides an extensive choice of goods for Garden and Landscape Decoration. A number of solar Water Pumps and Fountains powered by the sun for ponds, pools, and fish tanks will help to create desired cozy environment at any place. For those who annoyed with pests and insects, we offer a broad range of Pest and Wild Animal Control solution include solar Sonic and Ultrasonic Repellers and Mosquito Killer Lamps. They are non-lethal and totally harmless for people, kids, and even home pets.

Solar Gadgets and Electronics powered by the Sun are one of our passions. What can be cooler than realize that your bike computer with speedometer, multifunctional radio or another device is powered not by just a battery, but by clean nature energy? Exactly! Just have a look how incredible they are.

A person who likes to travel a lot or just prefer to spend more time outdoor would definitely appreciate our vast collection of solar Battery Chargers and solar Power Banks with a variety of forms and capacity. Some of our units like, for example, solar Backpacks are quite unique. Sunny Bunny also has a diverse range of portable solar Panel Chargers what will save you in an emergency case when a device ran out of battery at the worst moment. Even in the middle of nowhere, you still will be able to charge your mobile phone, smartphone, Camera, GPS, PSP and almost everything that has USB Port and rechargeable battery.

We have an unbeatable range of solar Toys and especially solar Educational toys for kids. Well, at least, we have not seen bigger one in Australia’s online retail so far. Check it out and let us know what you think. Solar Cars for Do-it-Yourself self-assembly, 6-in-1 solar Robot kit, and many others that will make your brain exercise. We offer one of the greatest collections of solar 3D wooden puzzles that represent World’s Famous Building series. Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid of Khufu, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and other models are waiting to be put together in your place. Education can be fun! Thousands of families around the World find this alternative positive and creative way of spending time together.

Is there anything else? Well, did we mention free delivery? Yes, we do provide free shipping to any part of Australia. Rely on us. Just choose the product that is fit your needs and we will do the rest of the job. Stay Smart. Stay Green. Stay on the Sunny Side.